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Mold design

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Simulation and design: always one step ahead

After sharing and analyzing the customer’s ideas, our technicians proceed to the design and dimensioning of molds and components.

Mold filling simulation software allows us to study the molding process in advance, obtaining valuable information to optimize the production cycle and reduce delivery times.

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Co-design
  • 3D mold design
  • Advanced filling simulations and FEM
  • Regular comparison and sharing with the customer

Re-engineering: from mold to 3D model

STA’s re-engineering service is dedicated to customers who want to acquire project data from an existing product.

The Reverse Engineering process consists in digitizing the mold, scanning the physical object with special systems (laser and photogrammetry) to obtain a reliable and replicable 3D CAD model.

This process is extremely useful if the mold is old and not accompanied by 3D files or technical data.

The main advantage of re-engineering is the reduction of the design time of the new product, thanks to the digital model made.

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