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40 years of experience and the excellence of Made in Italy, to transform your drawings into reality

Our roots in automotive

Over the years we have chosen to innovate and expand our business areas to address a wide range of sectors. Automotive represents our origins and remains one of our main areas of specialization.

For the automotive sector, we design, press and manufacture aluminum and steel metal sheets and carry out a wide range of processes, from deep drawing to blanking, from assembly to coating.

Power and reliability

We use hydraulic presses up to 1200 tons and mechanical presses up to 400 tons, to press and shape metal sheet according to customer requirements.

We offer a shearing and deep-drawing service for processing complex parts. We perfect components using 3D laser cutting and a modern, reliable coating process.

Each stage of the process is carefully supervised by our technicians to ensure a functional finished product in line with the required standards.

Tied to the origins but looking towards the future

STA is the second manufacturer in Italy for the production of pressed components and counts among its customers the most important Italian and European car manufacturers.

We also offer a wide range of pressed products for numerous other industries, specifically:

  • aerospace – wings, fuselage
  • appliance – refrigerators, extractor hoods, sinks
  • railway – coaches and interior coating
  • interior furniture – lamps, chairs, tables
  • food – pots, cans

Don't put limits to your projects! We are the right partner to realize them